Trip itinerary

Trip itinerary:

  • The trip usually starts around 6 or 7 a.m. with a meeting in the port and arranging formalities. Even though at the beginning of the trip the Border Patrol no longer makes any checks, such checks may be carried out while at sea, therefore the anglers are still required to hold their identification document or passport.

  • The cutters sails for app. 1,5 hours away from the shore in order to reach and check the first specified fishing grounds.

  • The trip duration is app. 9 hours from departure to return.

  • During the trip we serve the sailor’s soup and hot beverages.

  • At the request of our guests and according to their suggestions the crew gut, dress or even fry the fish on board of our vessel.


To make the trip you do not need fishing permit, since all the necessary permits are arranged by us and included in the trip’s price.

It is also possible to borrow fishing tackle. During the trips all our angles are insured and can be assisted by our qualified crew. It is advisable that you should bring with you warm clothing, water- resistant coat and shoes and UV screen.


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