Our cutter

Cutter „Ivonne - T”

Vessel parameters:

  • Length: 22.4 m,
  • Width: 5,8 m,
  • Velocity: 10-11 węzłów,
  • Engine horsepower: 350HP.


The vessel is adapted to leisure activities. This is due to large open space on boards, which makes it easier for more anglers to enjoy the sport at the same time. A special room offers shelter in case of bad weather or serves as a dining room, where our cook serves the special “sailor’s soup”.

The skipper’s wheelhouse is equipped with a navigation device which is helpful in finding the big catch which is every angler’s desire...  

The vessel has all the required permits and meets the necessary requirements to make angling trips. Thanks to our several years of experience and advanced equipment we are familiar with several proven fishing grounds and thus you are more certain to catch some fish with us.


phone: +48 513 028 111